How to promote your own YouTube channel
09 февраля 2020
YouTube today is no longer just video hosting. It is considered the second largest search engine in the world in terms of users, which is about a billion people. This numerical value is only growing. Television fades into the background, which becomes obvious if you remember how many people have recently turned on some YouTube channels on the kitchen TV instead.

The more viewers search for videos, the more people produce them. On the hosting you can find countless channels that make content on a wide variety of topics, but not all of them can achieve popularity. A large number of standing videos pass by users, and free 1000 youtube views trial can help in promotion. But no algorithms will help to find fame if the author does not understand how to conduct your channel.

What you can shoot on YouTube

There is no universal scheme by which any video can be made interesting and successful. If a blogger takes pictures in a row, without seriously thinking about the target audience and its needs, he will not succeed. The exceptions are those people who have greatly boosted their personal brand. But most authors are unknown creators, and such a scheme does not suit them.

Videos can be divided into many categories, here are a few of them.

     - Entertaining content.

This is the main part of the videos on the resource. This is the content that you can watch endlessly. It is always convenient to integrate your own ideas into it.

     - Reviews

The world produces a huge amount of goods, and bloggers - as many reviews on them. When a person does not know how to choose a purchase, he seeks advice.

  -  Instructions and Lifehacks

Modern technology has almost forced a person to interact with a large number of obscure devices. There is not enough time to figure out all the startups that shot, and when some miracle of technology breaks down again, there are already several technologists on YouTube who have fixed this breakdown.

No idea anywhere

Even when the blogger figured out what topic will be the main part of his content, he needs to think through his own idea. He must ask himself:

-    what is YouTube for him;
-    how does his channel differ from competitors;
 -   what is the use of it to the audience.
A high-quality and understandable video that solves an actual problem will catch on sooner or later.